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Email Campaign Manager

Now you can send email blast without having to open your Inbox. Send promos, special offers, notices and more to a complete database of Website visitor-submitted email address (and the ones you want to add) through your Website's login. It's a great marketing tool that targets your customers directly and is simple to use! We have created the email to be branded with your website so your customers know where it is coming from. And talk about added features our email campaign manager will track who opened the email, how many times it was forwarded to unlisted members. Plus you can add whatever you want to the email, images, documents, and of course hyperlinks to send the traffic back into your website! There are two different templates to choose from depending on what you want, so you don’t have to worry about the design you just say what you need and send it out. This is a fast and easy marketing tool to keep your customers in the know about your company.

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